Within the industry, Seaboard stands out as a unique company with a unique culture. Our strong foundation is anchored by our employees’ commitment to integrity, hard work, accountability and humility.

For over 100 years, these shared values have been key to Seaboard’s growth and success as well as our ability to diversify and thrive in changing markets. Over the years, many people have dedicated their careers to Seaboard, describing the workplace as a family-like setting. It is an environment in which employees can continue to grow and pursue diverse career paths. Our teamwork gives us the ability to collaborate across geographically far flung operations. We believe in supporting the communities in which we operate and focus our philanthropic efforts to improve the lives of our employees, their families and their neighbors.

As Seaboard has sustained financial health, we have remained committed to keeping our people motivated, excited to come to work and proud of the services we provide, the products we make, and the Seaboard name.

 What does Seaboard mean to you?

• Family Culture
• Inclusive
• Rewarding

• Professional Development
• Charitable
• Respectful

• Humble
• Collaborative
• Motivating
• Welcoming

Seaboard Events

Animal Friends Week

Corporate Challenge


National Health & Fitness Day

Employee Testimonials

“One thing that makes me proud to be a Seaboard employee is their philanthropic activities. Seaboard has always been very generous in helping those in need, both in the United States and at our international locations, as well as helping individual employees during times of personal tragedy.”

Angie Childs

Director of Payroll and Accounting Systems

“Seaboard touches the lives of millions of people around the world in ways which most people cannot begin to comprehend. I love being part of a company that does that with no expectations from the community.”

Brad Warner

Vice President of Human Resources, SOTG

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